The Essential Guide to Grammarly for Teachers

Grammarly is an essential part of my classroom. Honestly speaking, I don’t spend as much time on Grammar as I probably should. It is one of those things that gets pushed aside for other standards and other skills. I know I am not alone in this either.

I try to start out strong in grammar, but often times it just gets pushed by the wayside. One way to combat this is by using some of the online grammar programs I discuss here and here. However, I’m here now to share a nifty little extension that may just change your attitude towards writing in the classroom.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a program that allows both students and teachers easy editing access. You can easily add the extension to any computer. It then automatically checks anything you type as you are typing it.


Why use Grammarly?

To make your life easier of course. We’re teachers, and we already have so much on our plates as it is. Grammarly is one of those shortcuts that allows you to work smarter not harder.

I use it every single day. In fact, I am using it now to write this blog post. That should tell you something.

How to use Grammarly in the Classroom

1. On Student Computers

At the beginning of the year have students add the extension to their computers. When they log into google it will be there at the top. Then, when they are typing up an essay or any kind of assignment, it is automatically checking their grammar.

Moreover, it also allows students to set goals for what they intend to write. For example, if the students’ assignment is to persuade and use emotion, they can actually have Grammarly check specifically for this. (WOW!)

2. On Your Computer

I am an English teacher, and frankly, I still have trouble with grammar. It was the most difficult for me in college and still gives me a headache these days. If it is one less thing I can think about, then sign me up. As I said earlier, I use it for everything.

3. For Grading


This is probably the coolest feature of Grammarly. You can just copy entire texts into the program and it will check the grammar for you. Now, you might ask yourself, if my students are already using it on their computer why would I need to do this?

Well, I work with middle school students; they see the little red squiggle line and completely ignore it. I still end up finding grammar mistakes when I’d rather be grading for content and comprehension.

4. To Check for Plagiarism


Lastly, another great feature of Grammarly is that it allows you to check your students’ writing for plagiarism. This would be very useful in any classroom (not just ELA).


Grammarly is and should be an essential part of any teacher’s resources. Whether it is for you to use yourself or provide an extra resource for your students. It is definitely a positive addition to the classroom.

How do you use Grammarly?

This post was proofread by Grammarly

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  • Inna

    I guess Grammarly is being very popular right now since I saw 2-3 blog posts about it. I did not know it was that helpful 😀 Thanks for sharing this. I might start using it (being a student I might need it) Hahaa 🙂

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